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Testing Tailored to your Business

If you are considering private COVID-19 testing for your workplace, Unilabs has an end-to-end solution that will match your specific needs.

Whether you want to provide in-the-moment COVID-19 testing for your employees to understand if they have the virus and could be contagious, or bigger-picture serology testing to understand how many of your team have had the virus, Unilabs offers flexible, simple and agile approaches, with results returned quickly.

How Unilabs’ Testing Process Works

The pandemic has brought major challenges to all workplaces, so at Unilabs our focus is making this part of the process as simple as possible. Testing can, and should, be quick and simple.

When you contact Unilabs, you will be offered the advice and support you need to carry out the right tests at the right times to have maximum impact on the health of your employees, and your business.

Step 1 – Get in touch to request testing through our centralised request system.
Step 1 – Get in touch to request testing through our centralised request system.
Step 2 – Conduct the testing.
Step 2 – Conduct the testing.

Our options for your business include:

  • hiring a mobile unit with nurses who are available to collect samples directly at your workplace
  • issuing home test kits (where available)
  • asking employees to attend one of our conveniently-located sample collection centres
  • walk-thru and drive-thru solutions are available for additional convenience
Step 3 – Process the samples.
Step 3 – Process the samples.

Our accredited laboratories quickly receive and process your employees’ test samples. Depending on your testing set-up and location, samples can be tested in our COVID-19 test labs, our mobile field labs, or one of our many partner labs.

Step 4 – Deliver the results.
Step 4 – Deliver the results.

When limiting the spread of any disease, time is vital. Unilabs is laser-focused on rapid delivery of results. We deliver your employees’ test results on your terms. Our dedicated technology team can create result-delivery systems around your specific needs, so that everyone who is tested receives their results as swiftly and simply as possible*.

*TAT’s are determined by location

Who Should Be Tested?

Our medical questionnaire, designed by clinical experts, makes it easy to identify who needs to be tested. The questionnaire focuses on current and past symptoms and highlights triggers that indicate whether a test is advisable.


Why Choose Unilabs for Your COVID-19 Testing Procedures?

We understand there is a huge volume of information and advice around how to identify and monitor symptoms, when to self-isolate and when to get tested. But when it comes to keeping your business safe and operational, private testing from Unilabs makes it simple. Here’s what makes us different:


ADVICE: beyond the testing and diagnostics, we ensure you have access to advice and support from clinical experts.


EXCELLENCE: All equipment, including swabs and diagnostic machinery, meets the necessary international standards for effective COVID-19 testing you can trust.


COMPLIANCE: All our processes and documentation fully comply with your local laws and regulations.


QUALITY: Our labs meet the highest standards of lab accreditation and quality certification. All testing machinery and kits are CE-IVD marked / FDA approved, or equivalent, according to local regulations.

Find Out More About How Our Testing Procedure Can Help Your Workplace

Whether you are looking for one-off testing to get a snapshot of the rates of infection amongst your employees, or you want a regular schedule of testing, we can help you find the right solution for your business. Our procedures are flexible to suit your needs, so get contact us today to find out more.

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