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COVID-19 Workplace Testing

COVID-19 changed everything for businesses

Coronavirus has massively impacted our working world. Many office-based businesses have been forced to cope with the sudden change to remote working, and others – for example manufacturing - have been required to dramatically adapt their on-site procedures to conform to safety standards

One thing is certain; business wants to return to a greater degree of ‘normality’. This is where effective COVID-19 testing programmes in the workplace can make all the difference.

Getting Back to Normal

Now is the perfect time to set your business on the path to your new normal. As COVID is here to stay for a while longer, Unilabs can accompany you in creating a safe working environment that might require intermittent testing for as long as it is necessary. Businesses that could particularly benefit from scheduled COVID-19 testing include:

  • as part of certain ‘return to work’ protocols
  • those with staff working in close proximity / confined spaces
  • those dependent on travel
  • those where face-to-face meetings and collaboration are a must

Whatever the circumstances of your businesses, comprehensive COVID-19 testing is vital to restoring the performance of your operation.

Unilabs Offers A Range of COVID-19 Testing Options for Businesses

Unilabs recognises every business is different and will have different testing requirements. We have structured our testing services for businesses with flexibility in mind, with approaches tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Unilabs can provide your business with:

  • precautionary, scheduled COVID-19 testing for some or all staff, regardless of exposure or symptom staging
  • testing focused on people with confirmed symptoms of coronavirus
  • antibody testing to determine past exposure and potential immunity to the virus across your workforce*

We are also flexible in how the testing is administered:

  • Unilabs to your work: our dedicated mobile teams can set up portable testing centres at your premises, using either mobile teams, walk-thru or drive-thru models
  • Unilabs to your home: in some locations we offer home-testing delivery
  • You to Unilabs: we have a network of testing centres that are conveniently located and can welcome your employees

Whichever approach you take, scheduled testing makes a big difference to your operational efficiency. Testing ensures people who have the virus, even those without symptoms, will test positive and can self-isolate quickly. COVID-19 “return to work” tests can also ensure those returning to work have fully cleared the virus before re-joining the workplace.

If you think your organisation would benefit from Unilabs COVID-19 testing for business, then get in touch today to speak with one of our experts.

Great for Employee Wellbeing

In these challenging times, we understand the health and wellbeing of your employees is important to you, and that COVID-19 remains a major concern to many people.

COVID-19 testing in the workplace can help you ease anxieties, reassuring employees and promoting safer workplaces. Testing is there to help support your team’s physical and mental wellbeing.


*N.B. Data for how antibody levels confer immunity to COVID-re-infection is still pending.

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