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In the field of international travel, Unilabs can support:

1. Frequent-flying individuals and organisations in need of prompt clearance to travel

2. Travel-focused companies in need of a reliable diagnostic partner to provide testing services at scale for their customers

1. Rapid COVID-19 Fit to Fly Testing For Travellers

Many airlines now require passengers to take a COVID-19 test, to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 on aircraft. Some regions require proof or certification of negative COVID-19 status before allowing people into or out of the country.

With rules and guidelines varying greatly from country to country, the safest approach is to have recent proof you are COVID-19 negative before you get to the airport.

Unilabs Fit To Fly is here to help companies looking to navigate this challenging environment for their travelling employees.


What is a COVID-19 Fit to Fly test?

Our COVID-19 Fit to Fly test is a simple PCR test, involving a swab of your nose and throat. You can read more about PCR testing here.

PCR tests identify whether a person is currently infected with coronavirus. You will of course not be able to fly if you are infected with coronavirus.


When Should you Take a Fit to Fly test?

With COVID-19 testing and travel, timing is everything. It is of course possible to book a test too late, but you can also be too early; most EU member states require the sample for the test to be taken 72 hours before departure, but there are instances where this can be less than 24 hours, or otherwise when travelling further afield. Some even require the report to be issued within 48 hours after arrival at the destination. Therefore, it is critical that you check both the requirements locally and those at your destination in advance.

We work as quickly as we can to deliver results in time for you to fly, but it’s important you research the requirements of your specific journey. Your airline or travel agent can provide the most recent travel rules and advice.

Unilabs PCR testing typically requires 24-48 hours between collection of sample and delivery of your test results via email, app and digital. Contact our team to discuss the most suitable timeframes for your Fit to Fly test.

2. Unilabs ProtectTM for Travel for Travel-Focused Companies and Organisations

Managing the burden of COVID-19 testing is new territory for most travel-focused companies. Unilabs is here to help you take on this new element of your service.

Clients of our Unilabs Protect for Travel programme can offer their travelling customers access to our testing centres throughout Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. We guarantee results in under 48 hours from sample taking.

As an example, our Passenger Screening Program with the United Arab Emirates allows airline passengers flying to the UAE to provide the required proof that they are COVID-19 free. Travellers can contact our customer service teams and book an appointment at a convenient location and time. We receive customers during working hours at over 270 Unilabs COVID-19 collection units strategically located in big European cities including London, Paris, Madrid, Geneva, Zürich and Amsterdam.

We guarantee logistics between our over 270 collection units to our accredited labs throughout Europe. Our turnaround-time is guaranteed 48 hours from the moment of collection. This allows all travellers to plan their travels safely.

For more information on the COVID-19 tests we provide to travellers and travel-focused businesses, contact us today.

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