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COVID-19 Sports Testing

Unilabs COVID-19 Sports Testing: Keep Your Eye On The Ball

As COVID-19 spread in 2020, sports fixtures soon became one of the most missed aspects of “life as usual.” However, steps are now in place to reintroduce professional sports back into our lives. Elite sport is now taking place in most countries, although usually in empty stadiums, with the help of testing and ‘bubbles.’

Even with no crowds, however, the businesses and teams involved in sporting events require constant COVID-19 testing vigilance. A single positive coronavirus diagnosis can lock down an entire sports team and its supporting staff.

In an industry as diverse and mobile as professional sport, a robust testing solution is fundamental. Unilabs has worked with a variety of sporting organisations to provide testing regimens that have kept them running smoothly through the pandemic.

COVID-19 and Sport – Which Test Is Best?

Unilabs COVID-19 PCR tests are ideal for sporting teams, as they diagnoses current infections (even in individuals who are not displaying any symptoms); with our on-site or remote PCR testing support, results can be swiftly reported in as little as 70 minutes, keeping COVID-19 out of the workplace and allowing the game to continue. Read more about PCR testing here.

New sampling techniques like Saliva PCR testing allow teams to enjoy a more comfortable solution than the traditional nose swab.

It is essential for sporting teams to conduct a regular testing regimen and have contingencies for additional testing in the event that a staff member or athlete tests positive.

COVID-19 Sports Testing – How To Win

The many sporting institutions Unilabs has supported with thorough COVID-19 testing include Portugal’s football Liga, the Slovak Volleyball and Beach Volleyball teams, and some of the most important cycling events in France.

To keep these events running, mass COVID-19 sports testing has been required.

In order for Portugal’s Liga football league to reopen in June, Unilabs rolled out a vast-scale testing programme in two waves. It was crucial to have comprehensive and confidential coronavirus testing of all parties involved, meaning 13,000 tests were processed pre-training; then 72 hours and 24 hours before every game played. All results were anonymized, with reports sent to each of the following: Football club Medical Department, League Association & Healthcare State Agency.

For more information on effective COVID-19 sports testing, or to discuss how we can help your sporting team or organisation stay competitive through the Coronavirus pandemic, contact us.

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